Taxation is the important issue both for individual and corporation. Improper Tax management will cause significant loss of money and time.

We are professionals in assisting clients to minimize their tax obligations subject to Ordinances. We will provide the tax planning and advices according to clients' specific needs and situation, with periodical review and revise, to help clients to enjoy the tax benefits.

  • Acting as Tax Representative;
  • Filing of Profits Tax Return and Proposed Tax Computation with Supporting Schedules;
  • Filing Individual Tax Return ;
  • Filing Employers' Returns ;
  • Filing Property Tax Return ;
  • Applying for Extension for filing Tax Returns ;
  • Lodging objection against improper Tax Estimation / Tax Assessment ;
  • Applying for Hold-over of Provisional Tax, Tax Payment by Instalment or Tax Refund ;
  • Handling Inland Revenue Department enquiries, tax field audit or investigation ;
  • Handling tax litigation ;
  • Providing tax planning and tax advices ;
  • Notify the IRD for the commencement & cessation of employment or departure from HK of an employees